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Come on in, wipe your feet at the screen, sit down and have some caffeine with me.

So your wondering why I made this crazy little website! Well I just got this great job working as a virtual assistant. My fabulous Project Manager is teaching us lovely newbies how to work HTML. Now being the huge fan of HTML I am, I am truly enjoying myself!

Now let's play around and show you what all I've learned so far. Please remember, don't spill your drink on my keyboard, I might just have to ask you to leave!

Now that we have that settled, let's get started shall we?

First, I learned to how to make lists!

Let's try it out why don't we!

Upcoming Birthdays & Special Events:

Ahh I can do this with numbers too! Watch this!

What am I thankful for?

  1. My Husband
  2. My Kids
  3. My Family
  4. My Friends
  5. My New Job!

Second, I learned to how to link to really kewl sites!

Some of my favorites include:

Pajama Mama

Girl Scout Troop 747

My MySpace Page

My Facebook Page

My Twitter Page

My New JOB!


Third, I learned how you can shoot me a quick email from this site!

Email Me!

or click on this little lady to send me an email too!

Fourth, I learned alot about colors!

My name is Kristy. I am a virtual assistant for a company called Contemporary Virtual Assistance.

Fifth, I learned about images on a webpage!


Sixth, using tables to show different data!

First Name Current Age Male or Female Fav Color Fav Singer
Kristin 29 Female Blue Rascal Flatts
Chuck 27 Male Orange Rodney Atkins
Cassie 9 Female Red Hannah Montana
Kailey 8 Female Pink Taylor Swift
CJ 4 Male Blue Moose and Zee
Kristopher 2 Male Green The Laurie Berkner Band

Seventh, Let's Learn CSS!